AXCOM is a top-ranking SMB employer

Dezember 14, 2018

FOCUS has voted: AXCOM is a top-ranking SMB employer.

FOCUS Magazine has ranked Axcom as one of the top employers in the SMB segment in 2019.
We are especially happy about this enormous success and see it as recognition of our decades of work in the mobile energy sector.

Sustainability and social accountability are the core values of our mission statement.

Axcom has enormous faith in its employees, offers them clear structures, a mature corporate culture, thorough initial training and good communication with a culture of open feedback. The consequence of this is an environment that enables employees to develop and become even better.

By actively contributing to the transformation of their engagement into visible personal success, we create the preconditions for outstanding employee-satisfaction.

As the mobile energy sector is future-oriented, the jobs offered by Axcom are also secure – an enormous additional benefit in today’s often uncertain times.

The most important reason for this accolade -  our customers.

With their broad spectrum of different demands and challenges, our customers contribute to making us better and better. That they attach importance to sustainability and social accountability motivates and inspires us. It is not without reason that passion, flexibility and curiosity are the most important characteristics for working at Axcom.

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