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We have been developing OEM batteries since 1983

Axcom has been developing rechargeable batteries and charging technology for device manufacturers from around the world for 35 years. As a manufacturer of batteries, our commitment to quality demands that we use only high-quality cells and components and the latest technologies in the production of our products. This is how we guarantee that our products always fulfil the highest standards. So if you are looking for a made-to-measure battery and/or charging solution, please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your battery or charging needs without any further obligation. We are always on hand to advise you as a professional and highly experienced partner.
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9 Reasons for choosing Axcom OEM development


From cells to gold-plated contacts, we use only the most durable, high-quality branded components in the production of your battery.


Our technical team works hand-in-hand with you on the development of the specifications for your batteries and charging solutions. On request, we can also modify standard applications.


It makes no difference whether it’s a standard or a custom solution, we produce exactly the order volumes your company needs. No matter whether you need 50 or 500,000 units for your products.


Thanks to our highly trained and experienced team of experts, we can very quickly develop and realise the ideal solution for your needs.

Battery tests

We test your battery prototype in a testing regime based on UN 38.3 and IEC 62133 battery standards. These mandatory tests assure the readiness of a product for series production.

Axcom Guarantee

Only we give you a 12-month guarantee on all the products we develop. Whether it’s a battery, charging technology or other accessories.

Branding & Packaging

On request, the battery and charging technology can be produced in your corporate colours and with your company's logo.

Service & advice

We provide you with expert advice and see ourselves as a professional partner for safe and reliable energy storage and charging solutions.

Experience & expertise

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to developing your batteries and charging technology and the choice of our suppliers and components.

Current projects

Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
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Battery manufacturing for industrial applications
A customer from the power tool industry commissioned us to develop rechargeable batteries for mobile grease guns. Axcom was responsible for the design of the housing, the production of the plastic parts and the production of the batteries. We also handled the certification process for the finished product.

- Customer-specific branding and packaging
- Order volume: 50.000
- Various versions / technical specifications
li-ion akku oem lithium ionen
Battery production for hospitals
This year, we developed a new battery for Philips patient monitors that enables us to offer our customers in the medical sector even better quality and prices. We took care of everything from housing design and conducting all the necessary clinical tests to obtaining the declaration of conformity.

Fascinating facts: We were practically the first on the market to develop a battery for the new Philips patient monitor. In fact, we were faster than the equipment manufacturer.
ladegerät oem
Charger production with a 2-cable solution
During the development of a charger for industrial use, we spared no effort when it came to meeting our customer’s needs. The charging technology solution developed by us therefore has not only a display for determining the charge status, but also a second cable. It enables the cigarette lighter socket in company cars to serve as a source of energy for charging batteries.

How OEM battery manufacturing works


Planning and discussion

As soon as you let us know your requirements and wishes, we and our team of our engineers set about checking the feasibility of what you have in mind.



Our technicians and engineers consider your specifications and develop an initial prototype according to your requirements.


Production & quality assurance

Once the prototype has passed the necessary tests, it can go into mass production. For us, on-time delivery is a matter of course.
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One manufacturer for all the batteries you need

Li-ion: lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are the perfect choice if you are looking for a thermally stable battery with high energy density and no memory effect. We develop lithium-ion batteries for you, with or without an custom charging solution, just the way you want them.
Lithium-Ion Battery

Battery packs

A battery pack consists of several rechargeable cells connected in series and enclosed in a single casing that protects them against external influences. We use only long-life cells and components in the production of our battery packs.

Battery Pack

LiFePO4: lithium-iron phosphate batteries

Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries offer higher charge and discharge cycles than ion batteries and scores extra points with better fire and explosion protection as well as a high recycling value. We can develop an individualised lithium-iron-phosphate battery for you to meet your precise requirements.
LifePo4: Iron Phosphate Battery

Li-Po: lithium-polymer batteries

We can develop a custom storage solution that meets your precise needs. The biggest advantage of lithium-polymer batteries compared to lithium-ion cells is flexibility in the design of their size and shape.

LiPo: Lithium Polymer Battery

Lead-acid batteries (AGM, gel, fleece)

The biggest advantage of lead-acid batteries is that they are particularly light and easy to recycle and also require minimal use of resources in the production process. This is a very important aspect, especially today, where environmental protection is immensely important.
Lead Acid Battery

eMobility batteries

Due to the trend towards modern mobility solutions such as the e-bikes or scooters that can be found in every city, our development department continuously focuses its efforts on bring you the best, state-of-the-art solutions.

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Powerbanks in particular require high-quality components, as these portable energy storage solutions are frequently charged and discharged. The advantage of a powerbank is that it can be conveniently charged from a mains socket to provide the energy you need on the go.

Power Bank Manufacturer

NiMH: Nickel-metal hydride batteries

In contrast to lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries offer uncomplicated handling, despite their high energy density and durability. A particular highlight is that overcharging or deep discharge is no problem at all for this battery type.

NiMH: Metal Hydride Battery

NiCd: nickel-cadmium batteries

The advantages of nickel-cadmium batteries are that they are much less sensitive to temperature variations and other influences than other battery types. This is why they are often used in power tools and other devices. They also impress with their long life and the number of possible charging cycles.
NiCd: Nickel Cadmium Battery
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