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Axcom began developing Power banks more than 30 years ago

Thanks to our experience and expertise in the development and production of accumulators, we can offer our customers the highest manufacturing quality standards. As a manufacturer of energy storage systems, we see it as our duty to use only high-quality cells, contacts and technologies. As specialists in this field, we can also develop made-to-measure Powerbanks that can be configured to meet your precise needs. So if you are looking for a made-to-measure Powerbank, get in touch with us now.
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9 reasons for choosing Axcom power banks


We are committed to offering you only the best quality. That’s why we use only the best components from selected manufacturers in the production of our Power banks – from cells to contacts.


A team of our experts will work with you on the development of a concept that meets your specific requirements, or on finding a suitable standard solution.


With us, it doesn’t matter whether you need high-volume production with over 500,000 units or only small quantities of special solutions. We always adapt to your needs.


We turn your wishes into reality in the shortest possible time. This is assured by our perfectly coordinated and experienced team of technicians.

Battery tests

To check whether new solutions are ready for mass production, we first test them to assure compliance with UN 38.3 and IEC 62133 battery standards.

Axcom Guarantee

Only Axcom gives you a 12-month guarantee on all Powerbanks.

Branding & Packaging

Special requests such as your corporate colours and logos are no problem for us. We will be pleased to help you personalise the finished product.

Service & advice

We are always at your side as an expert partner who can answer your questions and give you advice in the field of charging and energy storage technologies – and make your visions a reality.

Experience & expertise

Our network of trusted suppliers has been built up over the past 30 years. This enables us to rely on highest quality in the production of your batteries.

What is a Power Bank?

A Power Bank is a kind of auxiliary energy source, especially for mobile devices. These external energy sources are a plug-in solution for extending the life of mobile devices. In addition to the battery for energy storage, they contain a switching transformer that provides a constant output voltage, usually five volts. This means you can also use your mobile device where it is not possible to recharge it using conventional methods. A major advantage of Powerbanks is their low weight, which means only minimal extra effort when carrying luggage.
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How Power bank manufacturing works:


Planning and discussion

Once you have clarified your requirements with our team, the technicians will immediately start reviewing and planning your project.



Our team of technicians will realise your wishes and requirements in the form of an initial prototype.


Production & quality assurance

Mass production begins immediately after the prototype has passed all mandatory tests. This enables us to offer you the highest standards and punctual delivery.
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One manufacturer for all the batteries you need

Li-ion: lithium-ion batteries

Are you looking for a thermally stable battery with high energy density and no memory effect? We develop premium lithium-batteries with custom charging solutions for you. Li-ion batteries also offer long service life.
Lithium Ion Battery

Battery packs

A battery pack is a combination of several individual cells in a single casing. The casing also offers better protection against external influences. We use only sustainable cells and components in the production of our batteries.
Battery Pack Manufactaring

LiFePO4: lithium-iron phosphate batteries

LiFePO4 batteries are explosion-proof and fireproof, which is a great advantage over other battery types. Due to slow loss of capacity, they also have a long service life. If you need a specific lithium-iron phosphate battery to meet your requirements, you have definitely come to the right place.
Iron Phosphate Battery

Li-Po: lithium-polymer batteries

If you need a specific lithium-iron phosphate battery to meet your requirements, look no further, we have exactly what you need. The biggest advantages are variable design options and the better discharging properties of Li-Po batteries. Compared to Li-ion batteries, Li-Po batteries increase energy density by 20%.
LiPo Battery Manufacturer

Lead-acid batteries (AGM, gel, fleece)

Lead-acid batteries are more sustainable than other batteries due to their low consumption of resources in the manufacturing process and good recyclability. This is an important aspect, especially as environmental protection is becoming an increasingly important issue today. Lead-acid batteries have better charge and discharge dynamics, are easy to adjust and offer good cycle stability and higher reaction enthalpy.
Lead Acid Battery

eMobility batteries

Contemporary mobility solutions can already be seen almost everywhere. To keep abreast of the rapid development of new solutions such as e-scooters, our experts always keep themselves up to date.

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Power Bank

A Powerbank is a kind of auxiliary battery that enables you to use a mobile device even when charging by conventional methods is not possible. A major advantage of power banks is their low weight and high stability.

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NiMH: Nickel-metal hydride batteries

Despite their high energy density and long service life, NiMH batteries are surprisingly insensitive to deep discharge and overcharging. If you need easy handling, we can manufacture the best NiMH battery for your needs.

Metal Hydride Battery

NiCd: nickel-cadmium batteries

The biggest advantage of nickel-cadmium batteries is that they offer consistent performance over a wide range of temperatures. This is why these batteries are ideal for a wide range of power tools and are often used on construction sites. Nickel-cadmium batteries offer a first-class service lifespan and unrivalled rapid charging capability.

Nickel Cadmium Battery
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