Top quality is apparent in the smallest details

Whether it's the cell, the electronics or the sturdy housing, Axcom relies exclusively on top quality for all components. All products are strictly tested in our testing and metrology laboratory under tough conditions.

What you can rely on:

Cell: All battery cells are individually measured. We use only quality cells with low internal resistance. This increases the number of charge and discharge cycles. That is why Axcom batteries last longer.

Capacity: Higher capacity lowers the load during operation. This guarantees a longer service life at a lower total cost.

Contacts: Gold-plated contacts ensure a reliable power output. The transmission resistance is low. This means the battery can be used longer and more efficiently.

Electronics: Safety components safeguard against overcharging and overheating – an important safety criterion, especially for Li-ion technology. The flex-board technology reduces the risk of breakage under tough conditions.

Housings: Axcom never processes recycled material, but rather high-quality, ultrasonically welded ABS/PC housings.


The company Axcom is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 - this ensures professional management of your projects at all levels.
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