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We have been developing lead-acid batteries since 1983

More than 35 years ago, Axcom gave the promise of quality and high-quality manufacturing components from the best suppliers. As a manufacturer of batteries for many industries, we always want to provide products that fulfil your expectations. As an expert partner, we are always at your side as a reliable advisor. We would be pleased to arrange a meeting with you and tell you more about our individual lead-acid battery solutions.
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35 Years of Experience


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9 reasons for choosing Axcom lead-acid batteries


From the cell to the gold-plated contacts, we use only high-quality branded components in the production of our lead-acid batteries.


Whether it’s a standard solution or a special requirement. Our team of experts will work with you to create a concept that meets your precise needs.


Whether you want a standard solution or have special requirements. We manufacture in any desired quantity. Our production can be flexibly adapted to your needs.


Thanks to a highly trained team of experts and many years of experience, we are able to transform your wishes into realities in no time at all.

Battery tests

We test your battery prototype with mandatory tests in line with UN 38.3 and IEC 62133 battery standards. After these tests, nothing stands in the way of initiating mass production.

Axcom Guarantee

Only Axcom gives you a 12-month guarantee on all batteries.

Branding & Packaging

Would you like your corporate colours to be printed on the batteries? Our team will be happy to realise your wishes.

Service & advice

We are your professional and trusted partner for energy storage and charging technology, and we advise and assist you in the translation of your requirements into carefully thought out solutions.

Experience & expertise

We have been working with a network of trusted suppliers for many years, and this enables us to guarantee you the best manufacturing quality.

Lead-acid battery types:

lead battery gel fleece manufacturing
Fleece Battery Manufacturing
Lead-fleece batteries are practically maintenance-free and have a longer service lifespan than conventional lead-acid batteries. The difference is that, instead of silica, sulphuric acid is bound to the fleece between the lead plates. The big advantage of this is the extremely low internal resistance. Lead-fleece batteries offer the advantages of low self-discharge, good low-temperature performance and outstanding starting power. However, deep discharge should also be avoided.
lead battery gel fleece manufacturing
Gel Battery Manufacturing
Gel batteries are structurally similar to conventional wet batteries – the positive and negative electrodes are surrounded by an electrolyte. As the name suggests, the electrolyte is not liquid, but has been changed to a gel-like state by the addition of silica. This results in greater sensitivity to vibration and rapid changes of position. The wrap-around design provides a better grip and increases safety. There’s also no need to worry about fluid leakage as long as the battery is intact. Gel batteries are therefore often referred to as maintenance-free batteries.

Areas of application for lead-acid batteries

Alarm systems
Medical devices
Wheel chairs, patient lift & patient beds
Emergency power supply
Emergency lights and signaling systems
Security systems
UPS systems

How Lead acid battery manufacturing works


Planning and discussion

As soon as our team has received your requirements, our experts begin to examine how they can be implemented.



By implementing your specifications in a prototype, we give you a first impression of how we have realised your requirements.


Production & quality assurance

In order to be able to offer you highest standards, we always deliver on-time. We start production as soon as the prototype has passed all the necessary tests
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One manufacturer for all the batteries you need

Li-ion: lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are the perfect choice if you are looking for a thermally stable battery with no memory effect. We develop lithium-ion batteries with high energy density for you. We also offer individualised charging solutions that meet your precise needs.
Li-Ion Battery

Battery packs

The individual cells of a battery pack are protected by a casing. This connects the individual parts and protects them against external influences. Our network of suppliers supplies us with high-quality construction parts.

Battery Pack

LiFePO4: lithium-iron phosphate batteries

LiFePO4 batteries are explosion-proof and fireproof, which is a great advantage over other battery types. Due to the slow loss of capacity, they also have a long service life. If you need a specific lithium-iron phosphate battery to meet your requirements, look no further, we have exactly what you need.
Iron Phosphate Battery

Li-Po: lithium-polymer batteries

Probably the biggest advantage of Li-Po batteries is their free formability. What’s more, they offer up to 20% higher energy density and better discharge characteristics than other batteries. If you are looking for a battery with high explosion-protection, our team can advise you on individual solutions
Polymer Battery Manufactaring

Lead-acid batteries (AGM, gel, fleece)

Today, recycling is an essential factor, especially in view of the increasing importance of environmental protection. The production of lead-acid batteries requires only very few resources. They are also easier to configure and offer good cycle stability and a higher reaction enthalpy than other batteries.
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eMobility batteries

Current e-mobility trends mean that e-scooters or e-bikes are seen almost everywhere. Our experts are always on top of the latest trends and are also constantly aware of latest developments in the area of mobile solutions.

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Battery packs or powerbanks are first charged from a mains socket to enable their use as a mobile energy storage solution. For this reason, mobile batteries are manufactured with particular care to ensure protection against external influences

Powerbank Manufactaring

NiMH: Nickel-metal hydride batteries

Nickel-metal hydride batteries have a high energy density and an extremely long service life. Overcharging or deep discharge are generally not issues encountered with this type of battery. As a result of this, they offer easier battery management. When it comes to easy handling, NiMH batteries are the right choice for you.
Metal Hydride Battery Manufactaring

NiCd: nickel-cadmium batteries

The high performance of nickel-cadmium batteries under load makes them ideal for power tools. Low temperatures are not a problem due to their high tolerance to cold. In addition, they impress with a high number of charging cycles and excellent rapid charging properties.
Nickel Cadmium Battery Manufactaring
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