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10 years of lithium-iron phosphate batteries made by Axcom

Axcom has been developing special lithium-iron phosphate batteries for a wide range of industries and other sectors for the past 10 years. As a battery manufacturer, we are committed to using only highest-quality cells, components and technologies. This guarantees that our products always meet the highest standards. If you are looking for a made-to-measure lithium-iron-phosphate battery solution, please contact us to arrange a non-binding consultation. As an expert partner, we are always at your side as a reliable advisor.
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9 reasons for choosing Axcom lithium-iron phosphate batteries


We guarantee that only highest-quality components from trusted manufacturers are used in the production of our lithium-iron phosphate batteries.


Together with you, our technicians develop a concept according to your requirements and, if necessary, modify existing standard solutions.


Regardless of whether you need 500 or 50,000 units of standard or specially customised solutions. Our production processes adapt to your requirements.

Fast realisation

Thanks to many years of experience and a highly trained team, we can quickly provide you with solutions realised according to your requirements.

Battery tests

We test your battery prototype by mandatory testing based on UN 38.3 and IEC 62133 battery standards. Passing these tests guarantees that the products can go into serial production.

12-month guarantee

Only we offer the Axcom 12-month guarantee on all lithium-iron-phosphate batteries we develop.

Branding & Packaging

Would you like your batteries to be branded with your corporate design? Our team will be happy to realise your wishes.

Service & advice

We are your professional and trusted partner for energy storage and charging technology, and we advise and assist you in the translation of your requirements into sophisticated solutions.

Experience & expertise

Thanks to our network of trusted suppliers and years of experience in battery and charging technology, we can guarantee you best quality in all products we manufacture.

How OEM battery manufacturing works

lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturer
Lithium-iron phosphate batteries belong to the group of lithium-ion batteries, but have a positive electrode consisting of iron phosphate. They have a lower energy density compared to lithium-ion batteries,. This can, however, be partially compensated by a comparatively slow loss of capacity. The biggest advantage of lithium-iron phosphate batteries is that they cannot explode or burn directly. They also contain no toxic substances such as cadmium, nickel or cobalt. As a result, they are often used in medical equipment and other power tools.
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Areas of application for LiFePO4 batteries

Solar storage and energy storage
Golf Caddy and electric boats
E-Scooter, E-Bike & E-Car
Hand lamp and flashlights
Mowing machines and vacuum cleaner
Medical devices
Warehouse vehicles
Emergency lights

How LiFePO4 battery manufacturing works:


Planning and discussion

Our experts check the feasibility of your wishes as soon as we have received the details of your specific needs.



Implementing your requirements in the form of a prototype gives you a first impression of your future product.


Production & quality assurance

We will deliver on time and start production as soon as the prototype has passed all the necessary tests. This enables us to offer you the highest standards.
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One manufacturer for all the batteries you need

Li-ion: lithium-ion batteries

In addition to the very high energy density, the biggest advantage is that there is no memory effect. What’s more, lithium-ion batteries are distinguished by their particularly long service life, typically offering a lifespan of several years. We develop thermally stable lithium-ion batteries for you with and without custom charging solutions.
Li-Ion: Lithium Ion Battery

Battery packs

In our battery packs, we use only high-quality components from selected, long-standing suppliers. The individual cells are protected by a casing that connects the individual components and protects them from impacts and other influences.

Battery Pack

LiFePO4: lithium-iron phosphate batteries

If you need a made-to-measure lithium-iron-phosphate battery that meets you specific requirements, look no further, we have exactly what you need. LiFePO4 batteries offer protection against explosion and fire, a significant advantage compared to other battery types. They also have a long service life due to their slow loss of capacity.
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Li-Po: lithium-polymer batteries

Flexibility in design of Li-Po batteries is the greatest advantage. Compared to Li-ion batteries, Li-Po batteries impress with 20% higher energy density. We design your lithium-polymer battery according to your specific needs.

LiPo: Lithium Polymer Battery

Lead-acid batteries (AGM, gel, fleece)

Lead-acid batteries have better charge and discharge dynamics, are easier to adjust and offer good cycle stability and higher reaction enthalpy. The biggest advantage of lead-acid batteries is that they are particularly light and easy to handle and require minimal use of resources in production.
Lead Acid Battery

eMobility batteries

Our experts always keep up with the latest trends and systematically follow developments across the entire spectrum of current and future mobility solutions. E-bikes and scooters are already an integral part of today’s urban traffic scenarios. We will continue to offer you the best solutions for these technologies in the future.
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Since portable energy storage systems are often exposed to vibration, impacts and external influences, the construction of powerbanks has to take such factors into account. We can develop a custom solution for your mobile energy storage needs.

Power Bank

NiMH: Nickel-metal hydride batteries

Despite their high energy density and long service life, nickel-metal hydride batteries are easy to use. Overcharging or deep discharge is generally not a problem for this battery type, which makes corporate battery management much easier.

NiMH Battery Manufacturer

NiCd: nickel-cadmium batteries

Thanks to the outstanding capacity of nickel-cadmium batteries under peak loads, they are ideally suited for use in power tools. They are also particularly small and offer particular resistance to extremely low temperatures. They also offer rapid charging capability and a large number of charging cycles.
NiCd Battery Manufacturer
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